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Typical products – shopping

All of the traditional products from the different parts of Majorca are available to visitors in Palma. This wide range of products includes:

Majorca produces the highest quality footwear in all sorts of styles and its footwear industry is known around the world thanks to exports of Majorcan footwear, its growing overseas appeal and the presence of renowned firms with deep historical roots where the artisanal trace is present in a direct human intervention in much of the production process. Majorcan shoes are valued around the world for their quality and their continuous circular stitching that isolates them from heat and humidity; this means that the sole adapts perfectly to the foot, making the shoes very comfortable and hard wearing.

Leather goods
Thanks to its quality and design, Majorca's leather and footwear industry is nationally and internationally recognised. Numerous international brands manufacture outstanding quality products in Majorca. Over two hundred operations are carried out on artisanal leather goods between starting to make them and finishing them, whether they be shoes or handbags. These products could, of course, be made with far less effort, but then the artisanal philosophy of the companies would be lost, endangering the prestige that the island's leather goods have acquired, goods that are characterised by being conscientiously made to a standard that is hard to match. These more than two hundred manufacturing stages are reflected in all their details; excellent hides, perfect stitching and seams, a soft glove-like interior and the guarantee of a unique process in the art of making footwear and complements made from leather.

Pearls and jewels
Majorca's imitation pearls are internationally famous and are the result of a process where, with patience, precision, good design and the joy of things well-made, the shape and colour of the pearls seem to bring them to life. Each unique and distinctive piece is born from the knowledge of the Majorcan artisans.There are a wide range of shops and workshops selling Majorcan jewellery where you can buy gold and silver pieces that are typical of the island, such as the traditional Majorcan cordón, a thick twisted chain made from these two metals with a Majorcan cross (a Greek cross inside a rhombus) hanging from it. The Majorcan cordón and cross is available as a necklace or a bracelet.

Blown glass is an ancient artisanal technique that requires great skill and absolute control. The glass is worked at very high temperatures and shaped with a blowtorch, creating magical forms with colours of extraordinary beauty. The skills and creativity of the artisan are vital in creating these marvellous pieces by spreading, melting, mixing and sticking together the colours. A metal blowpipe is normally used to create these magnificent forms with air in the middle.

Nowadays you can find exquisite examples of Majorca's traditional furniture in the island's many antique shops, with true works of art ranging from the simplest pieces to the most sophisticated and painstaking ones. del Born - Calle Apuntadors - Plaza de la Llotja - Avenida Antoni Maura - Plaza de la Reina