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Can Casasayas (Modernist building)


The Casasayas building and the Pensión Menorquina are buildings in the Modernist ‘art nouveau’ style that were conceived with an original symmetry and dynamism.  These are two identically executed, symmetrical buildings, separated by Calle de Santacília.

They were built at the request of Josep Casasayas Casajuana, the owner of the Can Frasquet cake shop. Francesc Roca designed them and directed the first phase of the works. They were completed under the direction of Guillem Reynés. 

The ground floors externalise structural elements, like the metal columns. The upper floors have a wavy design and finishing that has a great dynamism and plasticity. The metalwork of the balconies and the woodwork of the windows  complete this effect. The openings are in the shape of parabolic arches and various other forms. This accented plastic-dynamic treatment makes it possible to classify the work within the Modernist art nouveau tendency. The decorative elements are not very abundant, but there are stylized representations of ferns, acanthus and butterflies appear, especially on the iron capitals and in the wrought iron of the balconies.